Just a reminder that in a few months, it will be cold again here at Jay Landings Marina on the Tennessee River. Yes, I know it is 80 degrees and beautiful, but I also know what happens every winter. The first “cold snap” we have, it seems everyone that owns a boat calls us at 5:00 PM when it is below freezing and asks if we can winterize their boat today. Well, sometimes we can, sometimes we can’t.

So, if you don’t mind…this year call us and we will put you on the list for a certain day, and you will be able to enjoy the fall weather, and we will watch our calender and get your vessel winterized. If it is on a trailer, don’t forget to change the lower unit lube, because sometime water gets in there and makes a mess of things when it freezes! So change the motor oil, lower unit lube, replace the impeller have have that boat ready for the first day of spring, long before it gets here!

We also have LIMITED indoor storage for your vessel, so call us!


Captain J
Jay Landings Marina